Necomimi cat ears

So apparently the japanese have come up with a new company called neurowear! It’s very cool, it kind of reminds me of the futuristic movies I always dreamed we’d eventually live in and well…here it is! They make numerous items that can very easily be controlled with your mind. Of course me, the crazy cat lady, was very excited when I saw the necomimi cat ears. They react to your emotions and a new type of body language for us to use. Why I want them exactly: THEY ARE ADORABLE AND THEY LOOK SO AWESOME.. XD I mean come on though, how awesome would it be to have functional cat ears???!! They’re 99 dollars though 😦 reply with some cool accesories/clothing that you’ve heard of.  Like the LED fake eyelashes, or the brainwave shippo tail (currently a prototype). There has to be a forever alone nerd who wants to talk about this with me.


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